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Peace: Awareness about Palestine
Published on 23-05-21

 Assalamualaikum everyone! rindu saya tak hehe. 
    The motive of our event is to raise awareness about the situation that is going on in Palestine that broadly involves the breach of international law and their violation of international human rights. The management of Peace Hotel have unanimously come up with a decision to create an event that can not only deliver knowledge but also awareness on the issues and points that have been breached and violated.



10 PM

User masuk room

10.30 PM

Gimmick bermula tentang keadaan di Palestine

11 PM

Sesi bergambar

Semua user akan mendapat badge! 

Rules During Event:

1. User perlu memakai baju bertemakan bendera Palestine.

Diharap semua user dapat menyertai event ini dan dapat memberi kerjasama agar dapat berjalan dengan lancar. Jumpa anda Sabtu ini!


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