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Welcome to PEACE HOTEL
Published on 21-09-21
for KPJ's Students



to all students of 




 Peace Hotel  is a virtual games where you can make friends, play games,
chat with others, create your own avatar, design rooms and more.


There is  no limit  to the number of people that be online at one time in Peace Hotel.
Be it 20 users or 200 users, we are ready to accommodate all of you!
If you are an introverted person, or if you are someone who is shy to mingle around in a crowd,
Peace Hotel is the right place for you! Everyone here is friendly therefore it is
 easy for you to make friends, communicate and have fun! 
Show your skills in room  decorating, designing and expressing  your
exclusive fashion skills with us in Peace Hotel

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ichachichuzz commented..
Posted on 23 Dec 23:56:26
game ni dah mati ke?
IrfanHarddy commented..
Posted on 08 Nov 20:11:39