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Peace Hotel International

We're Global,all around the world!

Get ready to be a part of the world's largest virtual hotel!
Hey guys,as you can see we have decided to go international and bring more users to Peace Hotel.We believe that we can bring you a better experience then any hotel around. Why? Because we listen to our users. We want to make sure you will enjoy this hotel more then anything you've tried before. Your feedback and suggestions are really important to us so please dont hesitate to do so. Peace's goal is to allow users to freely enjoy everything that we all love about Peace; a great community, tons of events & quests, a open catalogue for room builders, gambling to a new level (Talk & moderated on Peace, trade on Peace), a serious economy for rares, devoted and friendly staffs... you get the point, the best of Peace.
While we prepare the ground, we need everyone to gather and spread the word. We can't do it without each of you. Tell your friends, visit the retro daily. Its simple steps, if everyone invites at least 2 friends the community will grow more everyday. The next weeks are real important, we will establish with everyone how the economy and credits will be spent.Also we got some huge Events and Quest planned for you guys. So stick around.


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