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Peace Fix It!

Let's do some fixing.

It's Peace-Fix-it month and we'd love your input on what could do with fixing around here!

Firstly, from all of the Peace Team would like to say a HUGE thank you for continuing to be a dedicated Peace. We know things aren't always perfect, but we are committed to creating a Peace that you are proud to play.

As many of you know, Peace has been around for a very long time Over the time, lots of features have been added along the way. We know that you love a lot of these features, but we also know some things could do with an update.

So we are proposing a Peace Fix-It month! We will be dedicating a number of our developers, designers and user-care team purely to this clean-up to assure you get the most from Peace possible.

So here is where we pass the torch to you: What are some things you would love to see in Peace? Or perhaps some things that really annoy you? Let us know! Your feedback is really appreciated, and there might even be a badge in it for some of you.

We have already started the ball rolling with some fixes we think are pretty important:

Replacing the pushy& achievement notification pop-up, with something a bit more subtle

We're working on site!

Removing Facebook Share button from the achievements section

Adding more in-game Help; pages, for things like Pet Training

Removing the Quests; tab from the main menu bar

We hope you appreciate the changes we are making, and would love to hear what you think about them! Also give us your ideas and report bugs!



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